We all know the trapeze from the circus. Imagine the fun if you could swing on a trapeze yourself! The trapeze is suitable for different age groups and offers fun and challenges!

Trapeze for trampoline parks

Are you looking for spectacular equipment to make your trampoline park even more challenging? Both young children and adults will enjoy the trapeze! You can swing on the trapeze and land in the Foampit or the Airbag with a simple jump. Experienced visitors can swing on the trapeze and make a spectacular jump at the highest point.


The construction around the trapeze is made up of a truss mounting system. The system is covered with padding in crucial places for safety. The trapeze hangs from the truss system with a wear-resistant suspension system.


The trapeze can be incorporated into the structure and can also be placed as a freestanding attraction in a trampoline park.


For the safety of the jumpers it is necessary to have supervision at the trapeze. It is important that jumpers receive and follow the correct instructions. A foampit or airbag is placed under the Trapeze to ensure a soft landing.


The trapeze should be cleaned regularly. The FoamPit and AirBag also need regular maintenance. The FoamPit should be cleaned regularly and the blocks should be replaced. To keep the AirBag in optimal condition, the compressors should also be maintained frequently, and the AirBag should be wiped off with a damp cloth.

Adding a trapeze to your trampoline park

Wondering if the trapeze is a great asset to your trampoline park? We will gladly inform you about the possibilities. Contact our sales team via info@eliplay.com or +31 (0)411 745 300.

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  • The standard trapeze is 12 x 7.5 x 7.5
  • Made up of a Truss System
  • In combination with an Airbag or FoamPit
  • Supervision needed.
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