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At trampoline park Jump XL Hengelo you will find the latest trampoline park equipment. Jump XL Hengelo has a Twister, Trapeze, High performance trampolines and more.

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Tennis hall transferred to trampoline park

The former tennis hall has been completely transformed into a spectacular trampoline park! This park has a surface of 2,500 m² and has been installed by ELI Play. This video gives an impression of the installation of a trampoline park.

Challenging trampoline park equipment

In this park you will find the latest trampoline park equipment that provides a unique experience to the visitors. The Twister is an event with eight trampolines and two rotating arms. The goal is to jump over the rotating arms in time. When a player is hit by one of the arms, he is out of the game. The game continues with the remaining players until there is one winner.

The Trapeze, Ninja Course, High Performance trampolines and Airbag are some examples of challenging events at Jump XL Hengelo. Swing on the trapeze above the Foam pit and make a soft landing. Jumpers use the High Performance trampolines for practicing new stunts. Due to the special jump sheets and springs, jumpers can jump even higher on these trampolines.

Would you like to start your own trampoline park?

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