Trampoline park Superfly Frankfurt

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Trampolines from ELI Play

ELI Play supplied the trampolines at trampoline park Superfly Frankfurt. In the large Jump Arena, there is plenty to do for jumpers of all ages. You will find a double ValoJump installation, the Twister, a Jumpbox by the Airbag, a Basket, a Tumbling Lane and various obstacles to jump over.


The Twister is a popular attraction in trampoline parks. This attraction is specially designed for groups to play a game together. Two arms rotate over the eight surrounding trampolines and jumpers have to jump or duck in time to avoid the rotating obstacles. If players are hit by one of the arms, they have to leave the game area.

The game is played under the supervision of a supervisor. This way, the game can be adapted to the skills of the players. The supervisor controls how fast the Twister rotates.

Interactive ValoJump

The ValoJump has been on the market for several years and is still one of the most played interactive games in trampoline parks. We do not only install it in new trampoline parks, but also in existing trampoline parks to innovate.

At trampoline park Superfly Frankfurt, we installed a double ValoJump area (two devices). This gives extra play value, as players can play against each other. Your opponent appears on your screen and you have to beat him/her by jumping through the parkour as fast as possible (Skytails) or by scoring points in the Jumpball game.

Starting your own trampoline park?

Are you thinking of starting your own trampoline park? Check out our broad range of trampoline equipment on our website or request the catalog. We would be happy to create a unique trampoline park together with you. Contact us at or +31 (0) 411 745 300.

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