A new trampoline park in Belgium

ELI Play has already installed 30 trampoline parks for Jump XL in the Netherlands, France and Germany. Now, Jump XL opens a new trampoline park in Belgium, Sambreville. This trampoline park is about 1250 m² and contains several equipment for all age groups.

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Interactive trampoline equipment

At trampoline park Jump XL Sambreville, you will find various trampoline equipment, such as the Dodgeball, JumpTower with airbag, Slackline and a Ninja Course. Besides that, you will find interactive elements: the ValoJump and Cardio Wall! Interactive elements offers fun, a real experience and a good work-out!


The ValoJump is a trampoline with a large screen. The player moves on a trampoline through a platform game where points can be earned or enemies defeated. In the game ‘Skytails’ the player has to jump from platform to platform to reach the finish without falling. There are games available for all ages.

Cardio Wall

The Cardio Wall contains two game boards with 5 pods. The players jump on the trampoline and must hit as many pods as possible within one minute. It is about speed and responsiveness. If two board are installed next to each other, it is possible to play a duo game. The boards are connected to each other so that players can compete against each other.

Customized trampoline parks

Trampoline park Jump XL Sambreville has been developed entirely in the new style. Our customers have the opportunity to add their branding in a park. You can choose the colours of the trampoline padding, boarding, ninja obstacles, battle beam and the foam blocks for your foampit. It is also possible to print your own logo or graphics on elements. For example, boarding, jump obstacles and drapes.

ELI Play realisations trampoline parks

Would you like to know where we have installed trampoline parks and playgrounds? Take a look at our realization page, where you will find a map with all our completed projects.

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