Fun for all ages

Hi-Fly’s first trampoline park is located in Hilden, Germany. The various trampoline events offer fun and challenges to visitors of age categories.

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The latest equipment for trampoline parks

Hi-Fly Hilden has the latest trampoline park equipment! In this trampoline park you will find various group activities, such as the Twister and Dodgeball! If the Twister starts, the visitors have to jump over the rotating arms. Besides that, they have a Ninja Course, Walk Wall, Jump Tower, interactive games and more!

Trampoline park games

Visitors are looking for challenge and competition. Therefore, trampoline park Hi-Fly offers various events. Two players can duel on the BattleBeam or challenge each other for one of the interactive games: ValoJump or CardioWall. The ValoJump has several multi-player games such as SuperStomp and SkyTails.

trampoline park Hi-Fly
trampoline park Hi-Fly

Would you like to know more about trampoline parks?

We are happy to share information about our trampoline equipment. Mail your questions to or call +31(0)411 745 300.

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