Jump seven days in a week!

A new trampoline park has been opened on a business park in the Netherlands, Jumpsquare Arnhem. Visitors are welcome every day of the week.

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Tailor-made trampoline park

All trampoline parks at ELI Play are custom made. Each building has different sizes and in each trampoline park you will find different equipment. At Jumpsquare Arnhem you will find various zones: the Main court, Sports zone, Pro zone, Challenge zone and Adrenaline zone. In the Pro zone you will find the High Performance trampolines and in the Adrenaline zone you will find the Twister, ValoJump, Stunt zone with Battle Beam, Slackline, Rolling Barrel and Ninja course.

Trampoline jumping for all ages

Trampoline jumping is not only fun for children, but for different age groups. Children from 7 years old are allowed to jump at Jumpsquare Arnhem. In addition, there are also group lessons offered for adults. For example, trampoline fitness. For children from 1.5 to 6 years old, special MiniJump opening hours are set.

Trampoline park Jumpsquare Arnhem
Trampoline park Jumpsquare Arnhem

More information about trampoline parks?

If you want more information about our trampoline park equipment, take a look at the product page. You will find information and pictures of all elements. Or do you want tips for starting a leisure business? Then take a look at the step-by-step plan or contact us. We are happy to help you choose the perfect trampoline equipment for your park.

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