A combination of fun, challenges and sports!

After Jump Yard Barkaby and Jump Yard Helsingborg, ELI Play installed the third trampoline park for Jump Yard. This trampoline park is located in Nacka and has an area of approximately 1,500m².

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A unique experience

In addition to trampolines, Jump Yard offers other physical activities, for example Clip ‘n Climb climbing walls, a Ninja Course and the Twister! This offers even more fun and challenges for their visitors. Jumpers can use all their energy when they visit this trampoline park.

Target group trampoline park

Jump Yard Nacka is suitable for various age groups. The youngest visitors jump on the main area and tumbling lane and the youth is more looking for challenging and interactive devices, such as the stunt zone and the ValoJump. Also for parents, friends or colleagues it is fun to visit a trampoline park. It is also a perfect activity for team building.

Jump school

In addition, Jump Yard Nacka organizes jump courses for jumpers of different ages and skill levels. The courses are given by professional trainers. You will learn for example how to make a back flip or somersault and the different landing techniques.

Trampoline park Jump Yard Nacka
Trampoline park Jump Yard Nacka

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