Trampoline park Jumpstyle Leeuwarden

Trampoline park Jumpstyle Leeuwarden has recently opened. This park offers sports and jumping fun for the whole family!

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Trampolining for the whole family

Trampoline parks remain popular and offer fun and challenge to a broad target audience. Jumpstyle Leeuwarden has a large Main Jump consisting of several trampoline fields where jumpers can practise stunts, master tricks and jump over obstacles. You will also find a tumbling lane that is perfect for practicing multiple stunts in a row. For even more fun, there is the interactive ValoJump and a Foam Pit with Rolling Barrel and Battle Beam where visitors can test their balance.

High Performance Trampolines and Jump Tower

For jumpers who are looking for extra excitement, High Performance Trampolines and a Jump Tower have been installed. These trampolines consists of special jump sheets, allowing jumpers to jump extra high and run up against the Walk Wall.

At Jumpstyle Leeuwarden's unique Jump Tower, visitors can choose which side they want to jump off. Will they jump on the Airbag or into the Foam Pit filled with soft foam blocks? Both are possible! The same Airbag and Foam Pit can also be used from a lower height by using the waterfall trampoline or the jump boxes.

Sports at a trampoline park

Besides trampolining, you can also do various sports activities in this trampoline park. The Ninja Course consists of two lanes including rollers, ball bags, jump disks and a ladder. The ninja is accessible to everyone, as one lane has easier obstacles than the other. With the right focus and a lot of perseverance, it is certainly possible to complete both lanes! In addition, we installed a Multi-Sport Arena, which is a cage where both a game of football and basketball can be played. Perfect for children's parties or family outings!

Ideas to start your own trampoline park?

Inspired by this trampoline project? We would be happy to help you create your perfect trampoline park. We design, produce, install and maintain trampoline equipment. Check our wide range of jump and sports equipment on the website or request the catalog. Any questions? Feel free to contact us at +31(0) 411 745 300 or

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