Hupalupa, FEC with no less than 20 elements!

In 2019, an indoor playground and trampoline park opened in a modern shopping centrum, Metropol Istanbul. This is the biggest Family Entertainment Center in Istanbul that has play systems of the best quality.

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Challenging trampoline and playground equipment

This FEC appeals to different target groups, thanks to the versatile trampoline and playground equipment. A giant play structure is developed with a Volcano, Kart Track, Slides and a Donut glider for children from 4 to 12 years of age. A Toddler area is installed for the youngest children. The teens go for the fastest time in the Ninja course and jump of the Jump Tower in this trampoline park. In short, this FEC offers hours of fun for all ages!

More visitors to shopping mall

This FEC is located in a shopping center in Istanbul. They started an indoor playground and trampoline park. The leisure parks attract more visitors to the shopping mall and the shopping mall ensures continuous liveliness around these parks. It’s a successful combination!

Hupalupa - Indoor playground and trampoline park
Hupalupa - Indoor playground and trampoline park

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