You Jump trampoline parks installed by ELI Play

You Jump is a chain with seven trampoline parks in France. The trampoline parks of You Jump are popular and offer a lot of fun! ELI Play has designed, produced and installed all seven trampoline parks of You Jump. Unique to You Jump is the distinctive colour combination! This makes all visitors happy! In addition to the trampoline park, a number of You Jump parks also have an indoor playground. The advantage of a play structure is that children under the age of 7 can play independently and have a fantastic day!

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You Jump Trampoline parks offers fun for all age categories

You Jump has a broad target group. Sport enthusiasts and thrill seekers, but also families and groups of friends. Everyone is welcome!

The trampoline parks of You Jump are perfect for team building, birthday parties, events, school trips, sport club events and bachelor parties. There is a wide variety of trampoline equipment that offers fun and challenge to all visitors.

You Jump Amiens

You Jump Amiens is one of the first installed You Jump parks. This trampoline park consists of a combination of jump and sports equipment. Children practice stunts on the Main Jump and Tumbling Lane and jump from the Jump Tower onto the Airbag! The more advanced jumpers find more challenge on the High Performance trampolines and jump horizontally against the Walk Wall.

You Jump Avignon

One of the largest parks of You Jump is located in Avignon. A large playground with a jungle theme has been installed on this location. This play structure includes a Volcano, PowerTower and two ValoClimb units. In addition, there is a cool Soft Ball Experience zone with a ball fountain and cannons that allow children to shoot the foam balls in the area. Besides that, there is a trampoline park of 1,300m² with a wide variety of jump and sports equipment. You will find a Cardio Wall, Jump Tower, Ninja Course, Dodgeball and more!

You Jump Beauvais

You Jump Beauvais is a trampoline park with several interactive events! In this park you will find a Cardio Wall and ValoJump. By adding interactive events you give an extra dimension to a trampoline park. It is a surprising experience for visitors and ensures that they visit the park again! In addition, You Jump Beauvais offers plenty of other trampoline events such as the Twister, Ninja Course, Cage Ball and Battle Beam.

You Jump Chambly

The perfect trampoline park for group activities, school trips and friends! Visitors make crazy jumps on the Waterfall trampoline, Tumbling lane and from the Jump Tower onto the Airbag. Dunk like a real NBA player in the Dunk Zone or jump to amazing heights on the High Performance trampolines!

You Jump Marseille

Combine Jump, Sports and Play! The perfect combination for an adventure for the whole family! The indoor playground of You Jump Marseille consists of a large play structure, slide, crawl tubes and soft play elements. This zone offers a lot of fun for children from the age of 1 year. The trampoline park offers challenge, sensation and of course a lot of fun! Visitors jump from the Jump Tower, play basketball in the Dunk Zone and go as fast as possible through the Ninja Course.

Trampoline park You Jump Marseille
Trampoline park You Jump Marseille

You Jump Toulon

Trampoline park You Jump Toulon offers fun and challenges for all ages groups. In this park you will find many group events! For example, the Sport Arena, where jumpers play a game of basketball or dodgeball and the Battle Beam where opponents try to push each other off the beam with large battle sticks. At the Ninja Course players compete against each other to pass all obstacles super fast. There is plenty to do for a fantastic experience!

Trampoline park and playground You Jump
Jump tower and Soft Play You Jump

You Jump Valence

More than 1,000 m² of jumping fun at You Jump Valence! Besides that, ELI Play installed a large play structure with crawl tubes and soft play elements for the little ones.

The Ninja Course with various obstacles is a great event for children and adults. The climb and clamber over the obstacles and try not to fall! On the Battle Beam visitors become a gladiator and duel with their opponents. In addition, various ball sports can be played in the Cage Ball and Dunk Zone.

You will have a fantastic experience at You Jump!

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