Vitaland FEC Pristina

A giant new Family Entertainment Center is installed in Pristina, Kosovo. Vitaland is a park where children have fun and go on adventures. It consists of 1068 m² full of play, jump and sports equipment and interactive games.

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Family Entertainment Center in a shopping mall

Family Entertainment Center Vitaland is built in the Central Park shopping center. The ideal combination! Children can play and go on adventures while parents enjoy shopping. Vitaland offers many attractions: Play structure, Multi-Sport Arena, Trampoline park, HiT iT!, High Rope Course, Toddler area.. children can enjoy themselves all day!

Fun and action: HiT iT!

The interactive HiT iT! Arena is the perfect attraction for Family Entertainment Centers. Both children and adults love it because of its diversity of events. The goal of the game is to scan the targets and earn as many points as possible within 20 minutes.

The Reflect Refract is a small maze where players get confused by the mirrors in their hunt for the targets. The Rope Rumble, Zig-Zag and T-Tandrum are events for good climbers! The Road to Victory is for daredevils who are up for a challenge and the event ‘Ballz’ is for players who can manage to find their balance under time pressure! Tactics, speed, balance... you need it all to beat the high score.

Indoor playground for all children

Vitaland offers activities for different age groups. The indoor playground consists of a large play structure with a seven-storey PowerTower, a Donut Glider, slides and various climbing obstacles. Next to the play structure, you will find a Multi-Sport Arena with interactive targets where visitors can play a game of football or basketball.

Vitaland Pristina - Made by ELI Play
Vitaland Pristina - Made by ELI Play

360° Climbing Volcano

When you enter Vitaland, you cannot miss the impressive 360° Volcano. It has a diameter of 17 metres! Children use the climbing grips on the volcano to climb up to the top or go through the High Rope Course and Crawl Tubes to reach the top of the Volcano. From there, they have a view of the entire park! Then they slide to the next attraction.

Toddler zone

A toddler zone has been created for the youngest children. The little ones can discover the world by climbing in the mini play structure, sliding down the slides and playing with various soft play elements.

Trampoline park

A Trapeze, Twister, JumpTower, Dodgeball Arena, Basket, Battle Beam.. it’s all integrated! One of the most popular attractions in trampoline parks is the Ninja Course due to its combination of sport and fun. Players must get across via the obstacles in the Ninja as fast as possible without falling into the Foam Pit. The Twister and Dodgeball Arena are also popular attractions, because you can play these games with groups. Ideal for children’s parties or families!

Interactive games for trampoline parks

Of course, interactive games have also been integrated into the trampoline park. These games make the jumping experience even more fun! The park has a double ValoJump installation, players jump on the trampoline and see themselves appear in the game on the screen in front of the trampoline. In addition, there is a double CardioWall at the Jump Arena, where jumpers’ speed and agility are tested. In the Dodgeball Arena, the interactive DodgeAttack had been added to make it extra fun!

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